Best Fence Choices for Your Peculiarly Shaped Property

Having a hard time selecting a fencing option for an oddly shaped property? Do not worry. A lot of people believe that fencing a curved, sloped or an uneven yard is close to impossible to perfectly achieve. While fencing an irregularly shaped may be a big challenge, proven and tested strategies and tips are considered to answer this commonly encountered issue.

Looking for the tip to flatter a property that is unevenly shaped, too narrow or too long will need a few actions such as determining the slope and angle of your yard. Once identified, there are some specific ways available to suit your requirements. Hiring a professional and highly reputable fencing service provider to help you with the project is your next step.

The following are some of the tips on how to identify the best ways to install fencing your oddly shaped yard:

1. Identify the Angle of the Yard

In order to identify the best way for fencing your oddly shaped yard, you will need to know first the slope or angle at which your property is sitting. These are some of the different fencing options available when working with oddly terrain including:

Racked Fencing – Sometimes known as the raked fencing. A racked fencing is installed with the specific angle in mind. This simply means that the rails may remain as similar level parallel to the surface since the fencing extends onwards, letting a secure property which is same in appearance. If the angle of your property fluctuates or is very steep because of some seasonal factors, raked fencing might not be the right option for you. Taking the right measurements all by yourself or just hiring a professional and experienced fence installation Roswell GA service provider to take the right measurements will identify whether the raked fencing is the perfect choice for your yard.

Stepped Fencing – It is the most perfectly suited fencing for hilly yards as well as resembles a staircase which conforms to the slopes with increasing height. Stepped fencing differs from racked fencing in appearance and design. When raked fencing uses rails which are 90 degrees to the ground, the stepped fencing may include gaps where increasing heights extend onward with the fence’s length. In order to fill the gaps which remain from stepped fencing, the use of stones or some other materials as a filler for gaps will secure or protect the pets, especially the children and also, give additional aesthetic appeal. Flowers, plants and some other garden accessories are a creative and flattering option to fill those gaps remaining the stepped fencing.

Curved Fencing – It is perfect to curved yard lines, a challenge most people encounter. Built to counter those curved property lines, the curved fencing is not basically curved but looks that way because of the curved path it is installed upon. The fence segment between every post is usually a straight line.

Property Evaluation

The right fencing for your yard is perfectly assessed by an expert who can identify the correct angles at which your yard sits and also, measure your property lines.

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